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Successful Businessman of The Year Award Ceremony.
 The Ceremony to be held for the 6th time was attended by Mersin Governor Mr Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Metropolitan Mayor Macit Özcan, Mersin Chief Public Prosecutor Burhan Çobanoğlu, Lieutenant Governors, District Governors, MEU Rektor Prof.Dr.Süha Aydın, Provincial Police Constable Arif Öksüz, non-governmental organization representatives, industrialists and businessmen.

Mersin Governor Mr Güzeloğlu said that ? We have a country full of many important wealths and as Mersin we are in a much better location. Besides regional strategies, regidevelopment, planning and improvements; we should act in concert in this direction by prioritising Mersin.?

Ozbal Steel Pipe General Manager Hasan Tufan Ballı took Successful Businessman of The Year Big Award from Mersin Governor Mr Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu and the Profession Service Award which has been deemed to Mersin ex-Governor- Samsun new Governor Mr Hüseyin Aksoy was taken by Governer Mr Güzeloğlu.

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