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Job Application

    Ozbal Steel Pipe, employs experienced and inexperienced staff to the required positions determined through annual man power planning. As a result of the evaluations of job applications which were made via our job adverts and Job Application Form,candidates who succeed in interview and examination stages are offered a job position. 

    Employment of experienced staff is realized after the candidates, who are specialized in the job, succeed in the interviews performed by related executives and our Department. There is no examination stage for experienced candidates.

    While employing inexperienced personnel, in addition to the interview process, English, general ability, general culture or personality test are also applied depending on the characteristics of the job.

Opportunity for Internship

    As Ozbal Steel Pipe, we provide internship opportunities for students, thereby we determine our potential team mates while contributing to our sectoral progress. 

    Internship candidates should fill out the Internship Application Form Applicants are accepted to internship through the interviews performed with Human Resources Department.

    During internship, programs are designed to support students with their career choices and personal development and also to contribute to company's values.

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