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Administrative Body

Board Of Directors Name And Surname End Dates
Chairman Of The Board Candan KARLITEKİN 20.07.2020
Vice President Of The Executive Board Kamil Emre ERCİYAS 20.07.2020
Member Of The Board Hasan Tufan BALLI 20.07.2020
Member Of The Board Yılmaz BAĞ 20.07.2020
Member Of The Board - Mugwump Mustafa ÖZBEY 20.07.2020
Member Of The Board - Mugwump Taner IŞIN 20.07.2020

Candan KARLITEKİN (Chairman Of The Board) :


Karlıtekin is the former Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines(THY) where he served from 2003 until 2010.Karlıtekin was the founder of Anadolu Jet(the discount airline subsidiary of THY),Turkish DO&CO (Airline caterer),TGS(Turkish Ground Services),THY-OPET(Jet fuel Supplier) and the prometer of THY’s joining of the Star Alliance,During is Chairmanship of THY,he also served as Chairman on the board of Sun Express,a subsidiary JV airline of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

Prior to this post,Karlıtekin was appointed as Chairman and CEO of the Development Bank of Turkey(1996-97).During Kalkınma appointment,He also assumed the chairmanship of Turk-Nippon Sigorta A.Ş. and established Kalkınma Menkul Değerler A.Ş.

As a bureaucrat Karlıtekin was the Director of Municipal Subsidiaries and Resource Development Department of Metropolitan Municipality of İstanbul(1994-1997).Under this mandate.Karlıtekin was responsible for overseeing the operations of 19 subsidiaries including the İstanbul Metropolitan Natural Gas Distribution Company (IGDAŞ),Istanbul Sea Buses Inc.(IDO),Municipal Bakeries(Halk Ekmek),Istanbul Light Rail Transport Inc.(ULAŞIM A.Ş.),KIPTAS Mass Housing Construction Inc,etc.

Karlıtekin worked as the Research Director at the State owned Turkish Exim Bank(1990-1993)and as an Expert Analyst at the State Planning organization(1988-1990)

Karlıtekin is currently an active entrepreneur and is partner at a leading HVAC/R and Structural Steel Construction Company.He also serves as executive board memeber at Erciyas Holding A.Ş. Chairman at Özbal Boru A.Ş. and Vice Chairman of Abdullah Gul Universty Support Foundation.

Karlıtekin has beeen teaching in the School of Management and Administrative Sciences in Istanbul Sehir University since 2010

Karlıtekin has a Ph.D.(1988) and M.A(1984) degrees from The State University of Newyork at Albany in International Trade,Finance&Macroeconomics and holds B.A degree (1983) in economics from Bogazici University of Istanbul,and LLB degree(2013) from Nottingham Law School of Nottingham Trent University.

Kamil Emre ERCİYAS (Board Member and Vice Chairman) :

K. Emre Erciyas, born in 1983, is the Vice Chairman of Erciyas Holding Co. After finishing FMV Nişantaşı Işık High School (2001), Istanbul, he received his BSc. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Sabanci University, Istanbul, (2006), followed by his MBT from University of California, Berkeley,CA. (2009).

He began his professional career as General Manager Assistant at Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. in 2006. He assumed the duties of Business Developer in 2009, and after various positions within different departments,

He established Erciyas Energy and Briza Wind in 2013 and currently holds the positions of;Vice Chairman and Board Member of Erciyas Holding, Erciyas Steel Pipe Chairman and General Manager of Erciyas Energy, Briza Wind and Bimaş Bike, ECC-BIMAS N.V.

He is a member of Endeavor Turkey, Keiretsu Forum Istanbul Angel Investor Network and National Geography Society.

His talents include manufacturing, business development and strategy, supply chain management, forecasting, market research, project planning, logistics planning, joint venture contract negotiation.His expertise include steel, pipelines, renewable energy generation, energy safety, contracting, bicycle.

He is especially interested in extreme adventures and sports, travelling, sailing, skiing/snowboarding, diving, climbing, motor sports and playing volleyball.

Yılmaz BAĞ (Board Member) :


Mustafa ÖZBEY (Member Of The Board - Mugwump) :

Mustafa Özbey was born in Ankara in 1946.He entered the Naval High School in 1960 and joined the Navy in 1967 with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. After completing his training at the Naval War Academy through 1974 - 1976, he started his new assignment at the TGS Plans and Policy Division as Staff officer. He continued to attend advanced training programs both in Turkey and abroad between 1976 and 1992 and served at NATO Headquarters in Brussels as Force Planning Officer for three years. He also served as Commander and Commodore of Frigates.

He was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in 1992. He served as the Chiefof Naval Plans and Principles Division in Turkish Naval Forces Command, and assumed command of Fast Patrol Boatst Fleet.

After being promoted to Senior Rear Admiral in 1996, he served as Depatment Head of the TGS's Greece-Cyprus Office. He than assumed Mine Fleet Commander and Chief of Staff of Turkish Naval Fleet positions at the same rank. He retired in 2001 by his own request.

Since than, he worked as consultant and executive in private sector companies, has been a member of the Board of Directors of Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. and the partner of Hydromx International. He is also a member of the Global Relations Forum.

Taner IŞIN (Member Of The Board - Mugwump) :


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