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Polyethylene Coating

1. Sandblasting is applied to remove oil, rust, dirt etc. and to give proper roughness to pipe surface.

2. Sandblasted Pipes are heated up to 200°C.

3. Melted epoxy powder paint, which provides corrosion resistance, is applied on the heated pipe surfaces using electrostatic special paint and paint guns.

4. In order to ensure adhesiveness between epoxy powder paint and polyethylene layer, an adhesive film layer obtained by Extrusion method is wrapped around the pipe surface. Silicon rollers apply pressure on the wrapped adhesive film layer.

5. Polyethylene layer, which was obtained by extrusion method, is wrapped around the rolling pipe and pressed by silicon rollers.

6. After polyethylene film coating process is completed, water is sprayed to reduce the temperature of pipe surface, so the pipe temperature is reduced to 60°C.


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